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ImageSweet Trek is a prehistoric embankment traversing the swampy coastal plain of Somerset Levels in Somerset, UK. The area lies between Westhey Island and the Shapwick Upland. This road is one of the oldest engineering gravel roads in Europe, if not the whole world. Sweet Trek was created from crossbeams hewn from wood, on the rings on which dendrologists have concluded that the road was built around 3807 - 3806. BC e. The length of the road used to be only 2 thousand meters, and the Sweet Trek itself is part of a large system of ancient roads on the same plain. The road was built of wooden beams from young ash, oak and lime trees, which were laid crosswise. All this was buried in the soil. Today, several hundred meters of the road have been specially mothballed in order to preserve the unique ancient site. Pieces of the wooden pavement are kept in both the British Museum and the Peat Marsh Center, which is located near Glastonbury.

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