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Titanic Belfast in the UK, Belfast Resort

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ImageTitanic Belfast is the youngest and already the most famous of the museums in the capital of Northern Ireland. The entire exposition of the museum is entirely devoted to the notorious Titanic liner, to the centenary of the sinking of which this museum was opened. The main goal of the founders of the museum is not so much to increase interest in the sunken liner, which is already popular all over the world, but to the shipbuilding of Belfast, once famous all over the world. The idea to create a museum came from local organizations back in 2002, when it became clear that the abandoned shipyards from which the Titanic once descended could not be left in a deplorable state. The shipyards were a symbol of the economic power of Belfast, and completely losing them meant leading the city not only to economic but also to moral decline. Variants of projects for the future museum complex were considered until 2008, when the construction plan was officially approved. The result is a futuristic building depicting the bow of a ship on each cardinal point. The total height of the building coincides with the height of the Titanic - 38 meters, which is another similarity. The total amount spent on the virtual and exhibition exhibition was more than 77 million pounds. The exposition is divided into 9 huge halls, thanks to which visitors will be able to see the Titanic from the moment of construction, launching, and death. The key moments of the excursions are especially interesting - for example, at the beginning of a tour of the museum, all visitors are seated in eight-seat cars, which are transported through the shipyard, where you can see the Titanic's steering system, recreated in full size. In one of the following halls, a virtual gallery awaits visitors, showing absolutely all the premises of the ship: from the engine room to the captain's bridge. Of the non-virtual parts of the gallery, there are cabins here, as you know, there were three types on the ship, all three can be visited by evaluating the bed and other interior elements. The following halls recreate the picture of the shipwreck with detailed accuracy - the excursion takes place to the sound of a distress signal and chronicles of the surviving passengers. The exposition ends with a three-dimensional gallery of images of the sunken Titanic, here are also hundreds of documents from investigations into the sinking of the ship, including two opposing versions - British and American. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Titanic Belfast in the UK, Belfast Resort.Titanic Belfast in the UK, Belfast Resort

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