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Panathena (Marble) Stadium in Greece, resort of Athens

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Panathinaikos is   the only stadium in the world built of white marble. The stadium is located in the Kallimarmaro area.

It was here in 1896 that the Olympic Games were held for the first time in modern history.

Initially, the stadium was the site of the Panathena Games, dedicated to the goddess Athena patroness of the city. In the classical era, the stadium was equipped with wooden benches.

In 329 BC. Panathinaikos was built entirely of marble at the initiative of the archon Lycurgus. The stadium underwent significant renovations and expansions in 140 AD. during the period of Herodes Atticus. At that time, it was already designed for 50 thousand seats.

In the middle of the 19th century, the ruins of Panathinaikos were excavated and restored. The project was sponsored by the Greek patriot Evangelis Zappas. With his support, Olympic competitions were held at the stadium in 1870 and 1875.

In 1895, the second large-scale stage of work was carried out, before the Olympic Games. This time, the project was funded by Georgios Averof, whose marble statue can be seen today in front of the stadium.

The construction of the stadium followed the old model, despite the fact that it was built shortly before the first Olympic Games. Designed by architects Ernst Ziller and Anastasios Metaxas.

In 2004 Panathinaikos became one of the main sports arenas of the Athens Olympics.  

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Topic: Panathena (Marble) Stadium in Greece, resort of Athens.Panathena (Marble) Stadium in Greece, resort of Athens

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