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Medan Merdeka Square in Indonesia, Jakarta Resort

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Medan Merdeka, which translates as"Freedom Square" - the main square of Jakarta, and along with the whole of Indonesia. Medan Merdeka is known as one of the largest squares in the world, its formation dates back to the early 19th century and associated with the transfer of the then colonial administration from Batavia - a historical the center of Jakarta - to the new district of Weltevreden (today - Central Jakarta). In front of newly built government and administrative buildings appeared Buffelsveld Square, which was soon renamed into Fields of Mars. The modern shape of Medan Merdeka began to acquire during the British rule: a stadium, a sports complex were built, Treadmills. It was also the seat of the Governor-General, as well as the city market, which hosted annual fairs and festivals. Before 1945 years, the future Freedom Square was in the hands of the Japanese and changed more than one name, however, after the proclamation of Indonesia as an independent country for square, by the decree of the first President Sukarno, once and for all was fixed the name of Medan Merdeka.

Medan Merdeka has the shape of a trapezoid, in the center of which the National Monument is located, and around the perimeter - all the most famous buildings Indonesia, most of which are also historical sites. Freedom Square is the center of the cultural, political and financial life of Indonesia. On the western side of the square are the buildings of four ministries, the famous National Museum, the Constitutional Court, and the office of the central radio stations; on the east - the largest station Gambir, the office of the oil and gas the giant Pertamina, National Gallery and Church of Saint Emmanuel. The north side is known the largest mosque Istiklal and the Merdeka Palace, also located here Supreme Court, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Secretariat and Supreme Court. According to tradition, the residences of the main officials - the governor and the vice president, they are accompanied by the building the U.S. Embassy.

Geographically, the area is divided by roads The National Monument, in four parts, each of which is a park. IN In the north park you can see a monument to Prince Diponegoro, the leader of one of the uprisings against the Dutch colonialists, as well as the famous poet Chairil Anwar. South Park is the most popular place to relax and walk: here 33 species of very rare plants grow, each of which symbolizes one of the provinces of the country, in addition, the park is home to a population of endangered deer axis. The western part of the square is famous for the fountain, which at night beautifully illuminated. In the east park, you should pay attention to the statue Kartini is a national heroine who once fought for women's rights in Indonesia.
Medan Merdeka is a national symbol and a place where almost all the sights of the capital are collected. central square the city is extremely popular and is readily visited by both locals and visitors.


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Topic: Medan Merdeka Square in Indonesia, Jakarta Resort.Medan Merdeka Square in Indonesia, Jakarta Resort

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