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ImageBewley is a village located in the southeastern territories of the New Forest National Park in one of the southern counties of Britain, Hampshire. In the immediate vicinity of the village, there is a river of the same name - Bewley. This area also includes the ruins of a long-destroyed Cistercian abbey, as well as a manor that has long belonged to the Montagu dynasty, which once had a ducal title. By the way, before the Montague family, their ancestors lived here, the Earls of Southampton, one of whom was famous for patronizing Shakespeare himself. The Montague Manor was built on the basis of a simple gatehouse, built on the territory of the abbey in the XIV century. This small building has been expanded, altered and restored many times. The last major restructuring was carried out in the Victorian era and gave it a medieval flavor. In the park of the manor, you can admire the unparalleled collection of racing cars.

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