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Imatra waterfall in Finland, Imatra resort

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Imatra Falls - a waterfall formed by the Vuoksa River, which originates in Lake Saimaa and flows into Lake Ladoga. The river flows within the Finnish city of Imatra. Once the Imatrankoski waterfall was called"Finnish Niagara", and in 1772, the Russian Empress Catherine II the Great came to the city to admire its waters. The Imatra Falls, surrounded by the country's oldest national park, Kruununpuisto, is one of the city's most famous and attractive landmarks.

This magnificent natural phenomenon could previously be observed in its natural form, but in the 1920s. the Finns decided that the waterfall could benefit the city and built a hydroelectric power plant. The view of the waterfall has not become worse, on the contrary, tourists have become even more active in visiting these places. Soon the Imatra waterfall turned into a real tourist attraction. The hotel not far from the waterfall was built by order of Catherine II, and nowadays a lot of various entertainments are organized on the waterfall.

Today, at the waterfall, there is even an organized free fall of water into the canyon: from June 8 to August 25, daily at 19.00, on Sundays at 15.00. In addition, a grandiose lighting system has been created here, making the waterfall even more spectacular and beautiful. Traditionally, in August, a performance takes place for visitors: a raft with a large fire burning on it is lowered down the waterfall. On New Year's Eve - December 25 and 31 - the “Sylvester's show” is held at the waterfall: the waterfall “comes to life”, while continuous fireworks are thundering and music is playing. The canyon, strewn with granite boulders, looks no less impressive.

In addition to these traditional events at the Imatra Falls, there are also special attractions for tourists, for example, descending over the rapids on a rope. Such an impression will become unforgettable, however, it is suitable only for the most daring.

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Topic: Imatra waterfall in Finland, Imatra resort.Imatra waterfall in Finland, Imatra resort

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