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Donegall Square, Belfast Resort, UK

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ImageDonegal Square can rightfully be considered the heart of the city - it is here that most of Belfast's roads converge, and, most often, it is from here that excursions around the capital of Northern Ireland start. Most tourist guides describe the square as a place where all architectural styles are mixed, and there is a reason - the buildings located within the square illustrate most of the styles known today. Accordingly, this place can also be called a square that has mixed more than one historical era, which cannot but rejoice, all buildings are organically combined with each other. In the center of the square is the Belfast City Hall, a striking example of the English Baroque style, a little further from it you can see the Linen Hall Library - a real literary treasury of Ireland. The Royal Spirits Salon is also worth a visit - it is both a museum, a hotel and a pub. Outwardly, the salon can already claim to be a real work of art - the tiles decorating the facade give it a unique look, but inside the visitors are no less beautiful. The interior is made in the key of crystal and mosaic glass, in the middle of this splendor you can see hundreds of tables that will be occupied regardless of the time of year, day, or tourist influx - this is one of the most popular places in the city. There is also another memorial complex dedicated to the Titanic - this time it is a statue depicting an allegory of death in the form of a woman throwing a laurel crown on the head of a drowning sailor. The waves that kill a man are depicted as mermaids, or, according to another version, sirens. The creation of the monument began literally a week after the sinking of the ship, but funds for the material were collected for a very long time, so the monument was finally erected only in 1920. The pedestal of the monument is presented in the form of a memorial plaque, where the names of all the dead passengers are engraved. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Donegall Square, Belfast Resort, UK.Donegall Square, Belfast Resort, UK

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