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Globe Theater UK, London Resort

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The Globe Theater is one of the oldest theaters in London.

The history of the theater is connected with the name of Shakespeare and begins in 1599 year, when in London, one after another began to build public theaters. When the construction of the"Globe" used materials left over from the disassembled first public theater in London. The theater building belonged to the troupe Burbage. The land lease expired, so they decided to build a new one theater in a new location. The leading playwright of the troupe was William Shakespeare.

"Globe" was an oval room resembling in the form of a Roman amphitheater, surrounded by a high wall, without a roof. At the entrance to the theater stood a statue of Atlanta holding a globe surrounded by a ribbon with the inscription “The whole world is theater”. The stage was adjacent to the back of the theater building, above it was a platform was built on, and even higher - a small house. This is how the theater was organized several locations, due to which the setting could be made more dynamic. This was a very important discovery, because the performances were held during the day light, without a curtain, without sounding the voices of the actors.

The capacity of the theater auditorium is precisely set impossible: no seating was provided, commoners stood on an earthen the floor of the parterre, and privileged visitors to the theater could sit in the boxes along the walls or in the gallery above the boxes. Additional amenities for the audience, including number, latrines, too. Such simplicity of morals was quite consistent the rules of etiquette of that time, so very quickly"Globus" became one of the the main cultural centers of England. Plays by Shakespeare and others were staged here eminent playwrights.

In 1613, there was a massive fire in the theater, as a result whose building burned to the ground. The building was rebuilt soon after, this time made of bricks. The troupe continued to perform at the Globe until 1642, when the theater was closed due to the decree of Cromwell. Since 1644 the history of the theater has stopped for the next three centuries.

In 1970, American actor, producer and director S. The Shakespeare Globe Trust was established by Wanamaker, funded by which it was planned to reconstruct the lost theater. Work on this project lasted more than a quarter of a century. The new building was built from wood processed according to the traditions of the 16th century; is almost the same places that the first"Globe". The renovated theater was opened in 1997. Performances it is held only in spring and summer, since, according to historical reality, the building is not covered with a roof. But there are daily excursions. There is a Shakespeare theme park next to the theater. Here you can see the world's largest exhibition dedicated to the playwright.

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