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Friendship Island in Germany, Potsdam resort

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In the center of Potsdam there is a small island with a beautiful green park with a lot of secluded cozy corners. This island is called Friendship Island. It received this name about 150 years ago, because then there was a fairly large seating yard.

Years later, in 1938-1940, the gardener and part-time philosopher Karl Forster created on this territory the first permanent horticultural exhibition of cold-tolerant plants, which includes flower shrubs, ferns and plants. The flower beds on the island change several times a year depending on the season.

But apart from beautiful flower beds and shrubs, the island has a variety of interesting sculptures, complementing its special charm. Bronze figures of naked lovers, children at play, animals and birds are found walking everywhere. In addition, you can see a number of intricate fountains.

In the center of the park & ndash; a vast green meadow where you can run barefoot, play football or just have picnics. Therefore, the locals are happy to come and come to the Friendship Island. Here you can visit a special pavilion, where creative exhibitions are often organized, and an open-air cinema, where, in addition to cinema, performances by novice artists are also held.


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Topic: Friendship Island in Germany, Potsdam resort.Friendship Island in Germany, Potsdam resort

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