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Historic Dock in the UK, Portsmouth Resort

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ImageThe Historic Dock is Her Royal Majesty's naval base in Portsmouth. It is one of three active British naval bases. The other two are in Davenport and Clyde. This port is home to two-thirds of the above-water Royal Navy of Great Britain, in particular, the modern aircraft carrier"Illustrious", the newest aircraft carriers"Queen Elizabeth" and"Prince of Wales". This is the oldest naval base in Great Britain, the history of its development is closely connected with the history of the entire country as a whole. It is here that the Portsmouth Historic Dock is located, which presents various attractions related to the history of the British Navy. Ships have been built here since the 12th century, from the era of King Richard the Lionheart. The old ships are still docked and can be seen and even climbed onto the deck. The oldest ship is the Mary Rose, launched for the first time in 1510. The ship sank in 1545 in the Solent Strait, and almost the entire floor was lost. Karakka was discovered in 1836 and raised to the surface in 1982. Also here in the eternal mooring is the Victory - the 1st rank battleship of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, known for being the flagship in the Battle of Trafalgar, and on board Admiral Nelson was mortally wounded. The ship is still on alert today. The world's first metal battleship, the Warrior, is based in the historic dock of Portsmouth, launched in 1860. It was the largest, fastest, heaviest and most armored ship in the world. But due to the rapid development of industry, the ship is technically outdated. It was used as a warehouse, training base, floating tanker, and was nearly sold for scrap. Due to the growing interest in the country's naval history at the end of the 60s. all of these ships, among others, were moved to the Historic Dock or converted into museums. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Historic Dock in the UK, Portsmouth Resort.Historic Dock in the UK, Portsmouth Resort

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