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Mary Rose Caracca in the UK, Portsmouth Resort

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ImageKarakka"Mary Rose" - English three-deck ship, the former flagship of the British Navy under Henry VIII Tudor. The vessel was launched in the port of Portsmouth in 1510. During the Italian Wars, the karakka was ruled by brother admirals Edward and Thomas Howard. In 1512, the Mary Rose took part in the attack on Brest as part of the fleet. In 1528 and 1536, the vessel was modernized, the number of guns and displacement were significantly increased. In 1545, King Francis I of France threatened England by landing on the Isle of Wight, and the British sent 80 ships to defend the island, led by the Mary Rose. Karakka, which was not particularly stable, overloaded with artillery, drowned, and with it most of the crew. Of the 400 sailors on board the karakka, only 35 survived. In the future, an attempt was made several times to raise the ship from the bottom, but they all ended in failure. During that period, only part of the guns were raised. Soon the ship was all overgrown with silt and was forgotten. At the beginning of the 19th century, the direction of the current changed in the strait where the karakka sank. It exposed the ship's frames. In 1836, fishermen discovered the sinking of the ship and turned to the inventors of the diving suit, John and Charles Dean, with a complaint that their gear was constantly clinging to some kind of pile-up on the seabed. The Dean brothers, who earn their living by searching for missing ships, got down to work immediately upon learning of the request of the fishermen. They found the remains of a ship, raised parts of cannons, bows, gun carriages, ceramic dishes, and several human skulls to land. In 1840, making small explosions, the Dean brothers exposed part of the ship's skeleton, partially destroying it, and raised a number of more artifacts from the bottom. Most of these finds have been lost, as ways of preserving the objects raised from the seabed have not yet been found. The brothers' work was stopped in 1848 when they decided that they would no longer find anything on the ship to lift. The result of their activities was that the backcastle of the ship was exposed, which over time was completely destroyed. However, the Dean brothers were unable to open most of the case. This saved him from the fate of other ships resting at the bottom of the strait, completely destroyed by amateur archaeologists. The interest of marine archaeologists in the Mary Rose carrakka was reawakened in the second half of the 20th century. By 1982, most of the ship's remains had been recovered from the bottom of the strait. They are on display at the Mary Rose Museum in Port of Portsmouth and illustrate the life of sailors in the first half of the 16th century. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Mary Rose Caracca in the UK, Portsmouth Resort.Mary Rose Caracca in the UK, Portsmouth Resort

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