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Royal Air Force Museum, London Resort

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The Royal Air Force Museum is a museum on the territory of the former Hendon airfield in London, dedicated to the history of aviation and the British Air Force. The museum is engaged in charity, and is a registered charity organization. There is a branch of this museum in Cosford, where the second part of a large collection is kept.

The former Hendon Airfield was chosen to host the museum because of its rich history directly related to British aviation. The museum was inaugurated with the participation of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain in November 1972. By this time, there were 36 aircraft in the collection. Over the next few years, 130 aircraft were added to the collection. Some of them are on display in Cosford, some are kept in storerooms and under restoration. By 2010, the collection of the London Museum consisted of more than 100 aircraft collected from all over the world. There are the very first flying machines in history, and the most modern jet combat aircraft.

The Royal Air Force Museum in London has five exhibition halls, where themed displays are located: Flight History Milestones, Bomber Hall, Historic Hangars, Battle of Britain Hall, Graham-White Factory. In one of the halls there are simulators where you can test yourself at the helm of an aircraft.

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Topic: Royal Air Force Museum, London Resort.Royal Air Force Museum, London Resort

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