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Durham Castle in Great Britain

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ImageDurham Castle is one of the famous British landmarks. The castle, located in the city of Durham, which, in turn, is the capital of the county of the same name, seems to hang over the River Weir. The old building is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The construction of Durham Castle took place in the wake of the active construction of fortifications by King William the Conqueror, designed to protect England, captured by the Normans, from the raids of the Scots and Welsh. So the citadel of Durham, which was founded in 1072, had an important defensive and border value. However, both the castle and the city as a whole were under the rule of the bishops. Only to appoint them, starting from the XII century, was the ruling monarch. Initially, the building of Durham Castle was built in a typical Norman architectural style, this type of building was called motte and bailey, that is, a residential castle, the construction of which was based on the natural conditions of the area. In addition, moats, towers, earthen ramparts protected such a castle. By the 18th century, elements of the Gothic style were introduced into the architectural appearance of the castle (it was in this spirit that the Tunstall chapel was made). I must say that many of the oldest elements of the building have been perfectly preserved to this day. It was in Durham Castle that the grandiose Great Hall was built by the architect Anthony Beck, at least 30 meters long. For a long time it was the largest hall in the country, but later it was reduced in size. Over time, the influence of the bishops on the castle began to diminish, and the building itself fell into some desolation. And after the University of Durham was founded, one of the largest institutions of higher education in England, the then Bishop Edward Maltby donated the castle to the university, including two chapels and a chapel, and the interior was adapted for student housing. Today, a small number of students still live in the castle, and on vacation days a hotel is arranged, excursions are held, and various conferences are also hosted.

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Topic: Durham Castle in Great Britain.Durham Castle in Great Britain

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