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Jokhang Temple in China, Lhasa resort

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This temple is the most revered Buddhist temple in Tibet. It was built in the 7th century by the Tibetan king Sonzgen Gampo. The construction of the temple was supervised by the Nepalese princess Bhrikuti. It was believed that she, with the help of magical rites, discovered a demoness near Tibet. In order to prevent her from rebelling, a temple was built.

At first it was named Rasa Trulang, which means"Magical manifestation of the Race". However, the statues of Jowo Rinpoche and Buddha Akshobya were soon transported here, and the temple received its modern name. These statues have survived to this day. Jovo's image is made of gold and decorated with ribbons all the time. Silver lamps are burning at the feet of the Buddha statue. However, it is believed that these statues are not real, as many such sculptures were destroyed during the revolution and were replaced with copies.

The temple was rebuilt several times. He underwent the most significant changes in the Middle Ages. Today this temple is a magnificent architectural ensemble, in which you can see statues and sculptures, as well as frescoes and images of Buddhist deities, Lamaist witnesses and rulers of Tibet.

In front of the entrance to the temple, you can see a slab with a treaty between Tibet and China, signed back in 821. Under this treaty, the countries are obliged not only not to attack each other, but also not to give even a reason for such thoughts. This stove was placed near the willow by a Chinese princess after she married Songgen Gampo. Willow is an ancient symbol of peace.

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Topic: Jokhang Temple in China, Lhasa resort.Jokhang Temple in China, Lhasa resort

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