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Castle Hochosterwitz in Austria, resort Klagenfurt

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Castle Hochosterwitz was built at an altitude of 160 meters on top of the Dolomites.

The first mention of the castle dates back to 1209, when the fortification was transferred the Osterwitz family is inherited. In the 15th century, the last representative of this family died without leaving behind heirs, after which the castle changed its owners many times, who rebuilt and fortified it.

In 1586, a square donjon, an arsenal, was completed. round towers and 14 gates, which brought the castle world fame.

In the outer courtyard of the fortress, there are outbuildings, a church and servants' rooms. In a courtyard surrounded by arcades, there is a family chapel of the Kevenhuller dynasty (owners of the castle from the 16th century). Today, a restaurant is open near the chapel.

There is a museum on the territory of the fortress, which displays knightly armor, weapons and portraits of representatives of the Kevenhuller family. One of the most interesting expositions of the museum is the huge armor - the chief of the fortress guard, whose height was about 2 meters 25 centimeters.  

The most interesting part of the Hochosterwitz castle that attracts tourists is the famous gate ( The Guard Gate - 1577, decorated with marble; Fenrich Gate - 1575, they depict two fluttering multicolored flags; Lion's Gate - 1577, Men's Gate - 1578 and so on).

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Topic: Castle Hochosterwitz in Austria, resort Klagenfurt.Castle Hochosterwitz in Austria, resort Klagenfurt

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