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Skala Church (Kallio) in Finland, resort Helsinki

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Skala Church (Kallio) - Lutheran church in the city Helsinki. One of the main city dominants.

Kallio Church since its foundation is one of the most famous and attractive city attractions. Is not surprising: the church is one of the tallest buildings in the city, you can see it from almost any, even the most remote, area of the city. Townspeople they say that Estonia can be seen from the bell towers of the church in good weather. Her called"rock on rock". The church resembles a rock with its appearance, it really very picturesque and impressive. Moreover, it is built on a hill which makes it seem even more majestic, rising above sea level by more than a hundred meters. In 2012, the Kallio Church celebrated its centenary.

The history of Kallio Church begins in 1906, when The Church Council has announced a project competition, the winner of which will be project-basis for the construction of a church in the city of Helsinki. In the competition a large number of architects participated, the winner was Lars Sonck, who combined tradition and innovation, like no one else who managed to convey the spirit of time. This satisfied the Church Council, which saw intense development the area of Kallio, intensively built and expanding. Several years later a majestic granite church was built on a high hill in Helsinki, unusual, one of a kind. The church quickly became very popular, which led to the fact that soon there were small churches all over the country, similar to the Church of the Rock.

Kallio Church has strict symmetrical forms. It built of gray granite and decorated with relief ornaments. When construction, innovative technologies for that time were used, a large some of the building materials were brought from Germany.

The 65-meter tower accommodates seven large bells, on which every day at noon and at six o'clock in the evening it is performed melody by Jan Sibelius. In addition, the church has two organs - baroque and in the style of French romanticism. The halls of the church are very spacious, the situation is enhanced by small loopholes. As conceived by the author, all this helps congregation focus on preaching. All services in the church are conducted in Finnish.

In addition to visiting the church itself, tourists can be attracted picturesque surroundings. There is an extensive library not far from the church, Karhupuisto square, numerous antique shops, city theater, Linnanmaki city amusement park and Sea Life aquarium. Moreover, in this the area has many hotels, both luxury and budget.

Kallio Church has its own website where you can find out all the necessary information about the time to visit and about the services.


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Topic: Skala Church (Kallio) in Finland, resort Helsinki.Skala Church (Kallio) in Finland, resort Helsinki

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