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Temppeliaukio Church in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Temppeliaukio Church - Parish Lutheran Church in Toolo district, in the central part of the city of Helsinki. Church designed and built by brothers-architects Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, was consecrated in 1969 year.

In 1930, a competition for the best project was held in Helsinki church, in the second round which was won by J.S.Siren. Under the construction of the temple Temple Square (Temppeliaukio) was chosen. However, the project was not implemented in connection with the outbreak of World War II in 1939. In 1961, when the country recovered from the war, the competition was held again. Won the competition the project of the new church building of the Suomalainen brothers. In order to save the plan brothers was slightly changed. In particular, the interior space has been reduced temple (about a quarter). Construction began in the winter of 1968, and in September 1969 ended.

It is worth noting that Temppeliaukio Church is rather unusual: its inner space was carved into the rock. Despite this, the building has enough natural light that enters through the glass dome. In the temple excellent acoustics, and therefore the church often uses various concerts and similar events. Acoustics quality is ensured for account of rough, almost untreated rock surfaces. In the original the design of the church was not provided for, but the conductor Paavo Berglund and acoustics specialist Mauri Parjo proposed to contribute to the project some changes that included limiting the space behind altar by a majestic stone wall, formed naturally in the process of glacier melting. The concept of the location of the church building, such way - preservation of the pristine landscape of the area.

Temppeliaukio Church today is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Helsinki. It is visited annually more than five hundred thousand people. Unusual choice of the form and organization of the internal space of the church makes it a favorite place not only among believers, but also professionals and amateurs of architecture. Also notable is the church organ, consisting of 43 pipes, created by the master Veikko Virtanen. Exceptional this church and in another - there are no bells, but the bell ringing is broadcast through loudspeakers located on the outer facade of the temple. IN Temppeliaukio Church is popularly called the"anti-devil defense bunker" the church received the title due to its squat form and powerful, irresistible stone construction.

In June 2006, a unique, first in Finland, metal mass, when church chants are performed under hard Rock.


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