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Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki in Finland, resort of Helsinki

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Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki - Helsinki Cathedral Diocese of the Finnish Archdiocese, built in 1868 in the pseudo-Byzantine style designed by Russian architect A. M. Gornostaev. Named and consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is a chapel at the cathedral, consecrated in honor of martyr Alexander Hotovitsky, who was prior to 1917 Helsingfors parish. Today the Assumption Cathedral is one of the most major Orthodox cathedrals in Northern and Western Europe. The total height of the cathedral is 51 meters.

The Assumption Cathedral is located in the historic center of the city Helsinki, near the base of the Katajanokka Peninsula. Cathedral stands on high granite rock, so from the platform at the entrance to the temple a wide overview of the city and surroundings.

In 1854, the rector of the Holy Trinity Church changed into Helsingfors. It was a young priest Nikolai Popov, who raised the issue of construction of a new large church due to the fact that the Trinity Church was small for all parishioners. With the assistance of the Governor-General Count F.F.Berg construction began a few years later. In 1859, the location was determined for the future temple, drawings of the temple were drawn up, approved by the emperor Alexander II in January 1860. It was originally planned to build a temple with two side-altars - in honor of Prince Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas Wonderworker. However, the temple remained single-altar, since there are no places for chapels enough.

Since 1860, active work began: fundraising and donations for construction. Funds were received from the Synod, from the emperor Alexander II and Tsarevich Alexander, Chapter of Orders, Moscow merchants, and from ordinary people. In total, 223 thousand rubles were collected.

The Assumption Cathedral was founded in the summer of 1862 with the participation of princes Alexei Alexandrovich and Nikolai Konstantinovich. By 1868 construction was completed, the temple was consecrated.
In 2006 year, the domes of the Assumption Cathedral were re-gilded. In 2010 to the temple twice intruders penetrated, in June of that year the icon of the Virgin was stolen "Kozelshanskaya", a significant part of the jewelry donated to the temple parishioners. The second penetration occurred in August, but it was not crowned success, the criminals were arrested. Soon the icon was found and restored.

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Topic: Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki in Finland, resort of Helsinki.Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki in Finland, resort of Helsinki

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