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Rushen Abbey, UK, Isle of Man

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ImageRushen Abbey is an abbey located near the town of Ballasalla, on the Isle of Man. Rashen Castle is two miles away. It was in this abbey in the years 1261-1262. The Chronicles of Maine, the most important written source for the history of the island, were created. The Manx king Olaf I in 1134 granted the Farnesian monastery land on the island, where the Abbey of Rushen was created. In 1147 the abbey was given over to the Cistercian order. The main abbey church, dedicated to St. Mary, was built by 1257. In 1539, King Henry VIII abolished the abbey and small monasteries on the island. The abbey was abandoned and gradually destroyed. At the beginning of the 20th century, the ruins of the abbey became very popular with tourists, in connection with which extensive restoration work began. But by the beginning of World War II, the abbey again fell into disrepair. In the spring of 1998, Rushen Abbey was declared a National Treasure of the Isle of Man. During these years, active restoration work began. At the same time, archaeological excavations are carried out. Today, Rushen Abbey is one of the main attractions of the Isle of Man. In a separate room, there is an exhibition showing the history of the abbey and the surrounding lands. The exposition is equipped with sound and visual materials. From spring to autumn, the abbey is open to tourists. There is a specially equipped playground where they can learn the history of the abbey through games. Among other things, there are gardens where tourists can taste cream and berry teas. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Rushen Abbey, UK, Isle of Man.Rushen Abbey, UK, Isle of Man

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