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Kehlsteinhaus in Bavaria, Germany

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Kehlsteinhaus – a tea house built as a gift for the 50th anniversary of Adolf Hitler by the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The house is located at an altitude of 1834 above sea level. Nearby was the now destroyed Berghof residence of Hitler.

Since 1934, representatives of the National Socialist Party began to acquire land in this mountainous region. Houses for prominent party leaders were built here. Kehlsteinhaus has become one of the most expensive projects in the area. The planning and construction was entrusted to Roderich Fick.

By the summer of 1938, the construction of the house and the road to it was completed. A year later, the tea house was donated on behalf of the party to Adolf Hitler.

Kehlsteinhaus – one of the few buildings in the Obersalzberg area that was not damaged during the British air raid in April 1945. After the end of the war, the area was occupied by American troops. The American was nicknamed the Eagle's Nest area for its location in the mountains. The headquarters of the American military has settled here. Later, in the spring of 1946, the Eagle's Nest was confiscated by the Americans. In 1951, it was handed over to the Bavarian government, which decided to demolish it. The Berchstegaden district authorities blocked this decision and after long negotiations it was decided to destroy the ruins of buildings belonging to the leaders of the Third Reich. As a result, the Eagle's Nest remained intact.

The construction of the Eagle's Nest, the road to it, took over a year. The road goes through several tunnels and ends at the site, where buses with tourists now stop. A tunnel stretches from the site again,   ending at the bronze elevator. The high-speed elevator, capable of accommodating about twenty people, rises to an altitude of 124 km in 41 seconds. Upstairs is the Kehlsteinhaus. Today, small cozy restaurants are open in the tea house of Adolf Hitler. The lodge has several exits, which gives visitors the opportunity to walk freely through the Alps.

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Topic: Kehlsteinhaus in Bavaria, Germany.Kehlsteinhaus in Bavaria, Germany

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