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Circus Krone in Germany, Munich health resort

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Circus Krone – the largest European circus, founded in 1905 by Karl Krone. The circus tent for 5 thousand seats occupies an area of 48 x 64 meters. Tent dome – 14 meters. Since 1919, the circus has been permanently located on the Marsstrasse in Munich, thus making it a unique Western European circus with a permanent location. The street adjacent to the circus was renamed Circus-Kronstrasse in 1967 at the initiative of the mayor of the city Hans-Jochen Vogel. The circus has its own infrastructure in the city: schools, kitchens, workshops, a private fire brigade, generators, etc.
The history of the Krone circus begins in 1870 of the year, when Karl Krone the Elder created the wandering menagerie Continental, with which he traveled all over Europe. Karl Krone Jr. created the Krone circus in 1905   year. Since that time, other circus acts have appeared in it. The Krone circus became extremely popular. Karl Krone became known as the 'King of the German Circus'. Since 1920, the building of the circus has been actively used by the leader of the Nazi party A. Hitler. Here he delivered his speeches. Hitler wrote about his first performances in the Krone circus in the book My Struggle, published in 1924. At the end of World War II, the building was badly damaged, only a few years after the war was it restored again. Since 1949, the kroone circus began to tour again.

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Topic: Circus Krone in Germany, Munich health resort.Circus Krone in Germany, Munich health resort

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