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ImageAnother Place is another contemporary installation, this time landscape, which stretches over a fairly large distance of 3.2 kilometers on the English beaches of Crosby, north of Liverpool. The unusual sculptural composition belongs to Antony Gormley and has been permanently in this place since 2006. "Another Place" consists of one hundred cast iron sculptures depicting people in full growth, who stand at different distances from each other and look at the sea. Each sculpture is exactly 189 centimeters tall. During high tides, most of the figures end up in the water, some partially, some completely, and the current does not carry them away, since each of the figures weighs 650 kilograms. The installation itself has existed since 1997, but before being installed on the beaches of Crosby, it was actively changing its location. Silent cast-iron people stood near the coastal strip in the German Cuxhaven, the Norwegian Stavanger and the Belgian De Panna. When the sculpture was erected near Liverpool in 2005, it was anticipated that it would soon be moved again, this time to New York. However, after the expiration of the appointed period of 16 months, a number of art foundations in England immediately asked to leave the sculpture in the country on a permanent basis. The sculptor supported this idea, and since then, cast-iron people have been standing on the beaches of Crosby, having managed to significantly increase the attractiveness of these places for tourists during this time. ImageImageImageImageImage

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