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Superlambanana in the UK, Liverpool Resort

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ImageSuperlambanana is a unique and very unusual street sculpture in bright yellow color in Liverpool, in the form of a hybrid of lamb and banana. The Superlambanana sculpture was created in 1998 from concrete and fiberglass on a metal frame. The sculpture weighs about eight tons and is over five meters high. The author of the sculpture, an American artist of Japanese origin Taro Chizo, in this work reflects the idea of the danger of genetic engineering and partially reflects the historical past of the city: the ships that used to go to the city's docks transported mainly sheep's wool and bananas. The author's idea also provided that Superlambanana would move around the city, today it is located next to the library of the John Moores University. Before that, it was located near the docks of Liverpool. In 2008, when Liverpool was recognized as the European Capital of Culture, 125 designer miniature sculptures were created. Several times the sculpture was repainted in different colors, for example, as part of the national campaign against breast cancer - pink, ImageImageImage

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Topic: Superlambanana in the UK, Liverpool Resort.Superlambanana in the UK, Liverpool Resort

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