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Sipiso Piso Falls in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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Sipiso-piso waterfall, which means “similar knife", is located on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, 45 km west of the city Berastagi. Sipiso-piso is the highest vertical waterfall in the country, its height is 120 meters. The uniqueness of the waterfall lies in the fact that its source - an underground river that flows under a plateau that ends in the area the tip of the famous caldera Lake Toba. The waterfall is surrounded by a picturesque area - densely green hills, against which there is a sharp rocky sinkhole with the stream gushing out of it looks especially picturesque. Local residents - Bataks - believe that Shipiso-piso was formed after the battle between the guardian dragon underground river and the demons that inhabited the lake.

Sipiso-piso is the most famous tourist attraction, for this reason the passage to the waterfall is possible only by a ticket worth 2,000 rupees. There are three lookouts in the Sipiso-piso area. sites, the first of which is on the other side of the gorge, directly opposite waterfall, the second is in the middle of the stairs, along which you can get to the foot Sipiso-piso, and the third is in the immediate vicinity of the gorge. From her you can observe not only the waterfall itself, but also a stunning panorama, which includes Lake Toba and Sibayak Volcano.


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Topic: Sipiso Piso Falls in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort.Sipiso Piso Falls in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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