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Git Git Falls in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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A waterfall called Git-Git is located in northeast Bali, near Singaraja. Git Git, of course, is not Niagara, but it is a rather prominent attraction on the island. The waterfall is formed by a mountain river falling from a rocky ledge overgrown with greenery in places, the height of which is about 40 meters. Under the influence of the water at the foot of the rocks, a rather deep pool was formed, in which you can swim if you wish: the water is crystal clear at any time of the year, but very cold. It's not so easy to get to Git-Gita: a narrow and slippery constantly winding path leads to the top of the waterfall, either diving into the jungle, or sandwiched between souvenir stalls, which is better to walk along. Those who have spared no time and effort will receive a reward in the form of a beautiful landscape opening from a height.

Interesting, that a somewhat sad legend is associated with the waterfall among local residents: it is believed that lovers or spouses who have bathed in Git-Gita will certainly part with time. Not so far from the 40-meter Git-Git there are three more waterfalls of a much smaller size, which initially had no names at all, but acquired them through the efforts of enterprising Balinese who are trying to attract tourists to these places. The jets of the Gemini Falls, divided in two by a rock, flow into a quiet bay, on the shore of which there is a gazebo intended for picnics. The Waterfall of Tears is known for its legend (the legend is fresh, but hard to believe) about two brothers, one of whom could not find his love and has been crying since then, sitting on the cliffs. The third waterfall, called Virgin, is slightly warmer than its neighbors and has a small lake suitable for swimming and jumping off the cliff.

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Topic: Git Git Falls in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Git Git Falls in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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