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Bogor Botanical Garden in Indonesia, Bogor Resort

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Bogor Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Bogor is located in the vicinity of the Indonesian city of Bogor, located in the province of West Java, and is one of the oldest and largest not only in Indonesia, but throughout the world. The history of the botanical garden began in 1817, when by order of the head of the colonial government of the Van der Capellen region in the city of Beitensorg (the European name for Bogor), right next to the residence of the Governor-General (now the summer presidential palace), an area of 47 hectares was fenced , where a garden with rare plants was to bloom soon. Under the leadership of the famous botanist Reinwardt, the development of the botanical garden went by leaps and bounds: in five years, the garden's collection consisted of about 912 plant species. The next director of Kebun Raya Bogor Theismann not only restored the plants that had died during the massive eruption of the Salak volcano, but also significantly expanded the collection, and also introduced systematization elements: now all plants were planted according to the genus. In the 40s of the 20th century, the garden acquired its own library and an exhibition of herbariums, and in the late 60s it officially separated from the palace complex.

I must say that after ten years, the Bogor Botanical Garden became widely known in the world. In the Russian Academy of Sciences, for example, there was a practice of internships for promising biologists and botanists in Indonesia on a specially allocated"Beytengzor scholarship". In due time such famous Russian scientists as V.M. Arnoldi, V.N. Lyubimenko, A.N. Krasnov and others. The respect for the long-term work of Indonesian botanists was so great that even during the Japanese occupation of the country, the garden continued to work, and its employees were not hindered in research.

Kebun Raya Bogor today is the most important center for plant protection, total area which together with branches is 451 hectares. The garden has a herbarium, botanical, chemical, pharmacological and ichthyological laboratories, as well as an experimental garden. According to 2012 data, about 14,500 plants, belonging to 5839 species, 1251 genera and 215 families, grow in the garden. In specialized greenhouses with artificially recreated microclimate, there are 900 species of plants. More than half of the"greenhouse collection" is represented by orchids, these plants are a kind of"horse" of the Bogor Botanical Garden.

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Topic: Bogor Botanical Garden in Indonesia, Bogor Resort.Bogor Botanical Garden in Indonesia, Bogor Resort

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