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Science Museum UK, London Resort

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One of the most popular museums in London is the Science Museum, located in South Kensington. It was opened in the 19th century thanks to Bennett Woodcroft, exhibits from the Great Exhibition and the collection of the Museum of the Patent Office.

The Modern Science Museum is located in four buildings designed by Richard Ellison in the early 20th century. It houses a collection of three hundred thousand exhibits. It includes the legendary Rocket and Puffing Billy steam engines, the oldest steam vehicles, the first jet engine, a rebuild of the DNA model created by James Watson   and Francis Crick, a prototype clock that can last for thousands of years, documents from the first typewriter, and more.

A special collection of the Science Museum is associated with medical artifacts. There you can get acquainted with ancient and modern medical instruments and accessories from different countries. There was also a library of specialized literature, including periodicals, manuscripts and books used by scientists from different parts of the world.

In addition, the museum has separate rooms for expositions dedicated to the history of space exploration, the invention of steam machines, the industrial revolution, the technological achievements of mankind, airplanes and helicopters.

It is interesting that the museum has a fairly large number of interactive exhibitions. Exhibits illustrating various physical laws and phenomena are especially interesting. More recently, an IMAX 3D cinema has appeared here, where you can watch scientific and documentary films.

The museum has proved that that science can now be learned in an"extravagant style." For this, an action"Night at the Museum" was organized, where you can indulge in scientific entertainment and spend time among the most interesting exhibits.

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