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Natural History Museum UK, London Resort

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You can see a real dinosaur tooth, skeletons of prehistoric animals, remains of ancient people and the very first edition of Darwin's Origin of Species in the Museum of Natural History. It is located in London, South Kensington.

The British Museum of Natural History includes an extensive exhibition, which includes about 70 million items on display. This includes 9 million dinosaur and other organisms in the paleontology department, 6 million botanical exhibits, 55 million animals and insects, 500,000 minerals and stones from the mineralogy section.

A key part of this collection was collected by Dr. Hans Sloan. in the 18th century. At that time, it contained herbariums, animal skeletons and the remains of an ancient man. The creation of the museum itself and the acquisition of its own building for the exhibition took place in the 19th century.

The incredible popularity of the museum was ensured by a unique collection of dinosaurs. It includes giant skeletons as well as an impressive mechanical model of a Tyrannosaurus. Among the zoological exhibits, a life-size model of a whale is of great interest, which is almost 30 meters. It is also impossible to pass by Archie's eight meter squid located in the Darwin Center section. In the botanical section you can see collections of herbaria and sequoias of incredible size, the age of this tree has exceeded a thousand years. The museum staff tried to make even the premises of the museum interesting. For example, to learn about insects, you need to go into a huge cocoon.

In addition, there are exhibits, illustrating human knowledge about the solar system and the geological processes of the Earth. The highlight of the exhibition is a room with an imitation of an earthquake.

The Museum of Natural History often organizes various thematic events. A popular entertainment among tourists is the Night at the Museum. During this event, museum guests are invited to while away the evening in the company of a diplodocus, be frightened by the steps of a mechanical tyrannosaurus and make their own relic by imprinting a shell or fish in the limestone mass.

IMPORTANT: If you do not want to stand in a long line to enter the museum, enter the building through another entrance. To do this, you need to go around the house along Exibition Road on the right side. There you can get to the museum without wasting time on tedious waiting.

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Topic: Natural History Museum UK, London Resort.Natural History Museum UK, London Resort

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