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Uffington White Horse in Great Britain

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ImageThe Uffington White Horse is a rather unusual attraction, representing a stylized, huge (110 meters long) figure of a horse depicted on the surface of the 26 meters high limestone White Horse Hill near the town of Uffington in Oxfordshire. The pattern was formed by long curved trenches, which were then filled with crushed chalk. The white figure, visible from afar, belongs to the so-called geoglyphs - figured images exceeding 4 meters in length. The origin of the horse is clearly prehistoric, therefore the image is under the careful protection of the state as a monument of antiquity. There are some opinions that it is not a horse at all that is drawn on the slope, but the wolfhound of Uffington, but this has not been confirmed in any way. And in earlier times, the local population was convinced that this is an image of a dragon, which the patron saint of Great Britain, St. George, defeated not far from here. The figure was studied using the method of optical dating (1994), which allowed the drawing to be attributed to the Early Bronze Age (somewhere around the 10th century BC). The white horse was probably created by the inhabitants of a nearby settlement. They then looked after and preserved her, doing regular weeding of the contours of the figure, otherwise she would have long disappeared under a layer of grass. You can get to this interesting attraction along the notorious ancient Ridgeway Road.

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Topic: Uffington White Horse in Great Britain.Uffington White Horse in Great Britain

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