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Tamminiemi in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Tamminiemi - Urho Kekkonen Museum, originally the residence of the President of Finland. Located in Helsinki, Meilahti district. The house was built in 1904.

The official residence of the President of Finland was located in Tamminiemi in 1940-1981. Urho Kekkonen was the longest-serving president. He lived in Tammieniemi for 30 years. At that time, this house was the most important power center of Finnish politics. After President Urho Kekkonen resigned for health reasons, he was given the opportunity to stay in this house. After the death of Kekkonen, a museum was established in Tamminiemi, which tells the story of the life of the former president in the light of modern history of Finland. Urho Kekkonen's heirs donated the president's personal belongings to the museum.

The Tamminiemi House Museum demonstrates the life of the 1970s. and the post-war history of Finland. In this beautiful manor park, the life of President Urho Kekkonen is recreated in detail. Recently, large-scale restoration work was carried out in the house-museum, which lasted two years. Interiors of the 70s XX century have been restored using the most modern methods.

The exhibitions and excursions held in Tamminiemi touch not only the era of Urho Kekkonen's rule in Finland, but also the earlier periods when Presidents Ryti and Mannerheim lived here during their presidency. After renovation, the villa's kitchens were opened to the public and all exhibition areas were made wheelchair accessible.

The adjacent auxiliary buildings house the modern Adjutant Cafe and a gift shop. There are also premises that are leased to individuals.

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