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Hame Fortress in Finland, Hameenlinna Resort

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Hame Fortress is an old fortified castle made of gray stone, renewed with red bricks, in the town of Hameenlinna. The artillery loopholes of the fortress offer an amazing view of Lake Vayanayvesia. Today the fortress looks the same as it did several hundred years ago, it has been restored to its medieval appearance.

The time of the creation of the Hame fortress is not known exactly. Usually its construction dates back to the time of the Second Swedish Crusade (mid-13th century).

The building of the fortress was built in the German style. Signs of this style can be considered a balcony, which replaced the interior doors on the second floor, and a courtyard decorated with ornamented vaults.

The fortress, built in the XIII century on the fertile soil of the Hame area, performed primarily defensive and economic functions. Besides, the appearance of the fortress contributed to social development, in connection with which the fortress began to perform an administrative function. After the loss of its strategic purpose, the annexation of Finland to Russia, the fortress became a Russian fort and remained so until 1917. From 1837 to 1952 the fortress was used as a prison. During the restoration work of the fortress, the appearance of the pre-prison period was returned. After the restoration, the fortress was turned into a museum complex, in the park of which medieval fairs, jazz festivals and various city holidays are held in summer. It also hosts cultural and historical exhibitions. There is a cafe and a restaurant on the territory of the museum.

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Topic: Hame Fortress in Finland, Hameenlinna Resort.Hame Fortress in Finland, Hameenlinna Resort

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