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Artillery Museum of Finland in Finland, Hameenlinna resort

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Artillery Museum of Finland is a private military museum in the city of Hameenlinna, Finland. Museum dedicated to the history of artillery from the 15th century to modernity, was founded in 1977 in the small village of Niinisalo, where remained until 1997, when it was transported to Hameenlinna.

In the village of Niinisalo, the artillery museum was located in an empty primary school building. He was not popular, so in 1995 it was decided to move it to a more visible location. Was organized a campaign to find a new home for the museum. The city of Hameenlinna was liberated the building of the Fortress Barracks, where the museum entered two years later. During these two years the barracks were renovated mainly with the help of volunteers and volunteers.

On the first floor of the museum, there are expositions telling about the history of the development of artillery in Finland from the 15th century to the Civil War in Finland. There are thematic exhibitions -"The Time of Swedish Rule","Autonomy","War of Independence" and others. Among the exhibits on this floor, the Swedish six-pound cannon model 1804. Here is the Hall of Glory to the Fatherland, where awards are kept for the defenders of the country.

The second floor displays tell the story of Finland from the beginning of its independence - 1919 - until the end of the Second World War. For example, one of the exhibitions is devoted to the history of General Vidho Nenonen, who played an important role in the development of Finnish artillery. Basically, themed exhibitions:"The birth of the Finnish independent artillery","New methods of shooting", "The Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940","The war between Finland and the Soviet Union 1941-1944"," Artillery reconnaissance"and others. Special interest is a small exhibition dedicated to the highest Finnish artilleryman Vaino Myllyurinne, whose height was 2.26 meters. The museum contains his uniform and overcoat.
On the the third floor of the museum displays expositions telling about the development and history Finnish artillery from the end of World War II to the present day. Besides Moreover, the museum has a Hall of artillery pieces. It is hosted in a separate building, where there used to be a stable for a hundred horses. Here today more than thirty historically significant and valuable tools are presented. Some of the presented guns are horse-drawn. Most of collections of artillery pieces are displayed in the courtyard of the museum. There are about one hundred guns. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Artillery Museum of Finland in Finland, Hameenlinna resort.Artillery Museum of Finland in Finland, Hameenlinna resort

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