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Baba Vida Fortress in Bulgaria

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The medieval fortress Baba Vida, located in the city of Vidin, is today the main city attraction.

The construction of the fortress began in the 10th century on the site where the ancient Roman fortress Bononia was located. In the Middle Ages, Baba Vida was the most important fortification in northwestern Bulgaria. The fortress withstood even the eight-month siege of the Byzantine army, which was headed by Vasily II, but was nevertheless destroyed and rebuilt only during the reign of Ivan Sratsimir.

During the occupation of the country by the Ottoman Empire, the fortress also played an important role. Having lost its defensive significance at the end of the 18th century, the fortress was used as a prison and an arsenal.

Today, Baba Vida Fortress is a fortress museum.

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Topic: Baba Vida Fortress in Bulgaria.Baba Vida Fortress in Bulgaria

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