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Tate Gallery (Tate Britain) in the UK, resort London

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Tate Gallery (Tate Britain) is an art museum in London, the world's largest collection of British art from the 16th century to the present. Until 2000, it was named"Tate Gallery", changed to"Tate Britain". The gallery was founded in the late 19th century by the industrialist Henry Tate, and today it is part of the Tate group of museums.

The gallery is housed in a building designed by S. Smith at the Vauxhall Bridge. Opened in 1897, the gallery's collection is based on Sir Tate's personal collection. At the time of opening, the collection also included canvases from the South Kensington Museum, paintings from the Vernon collection from the National Gallery, and Watts' paintings donated to the gallery by the artist himself.

In 1899, nine more halls were built with funds from Tate cheese, making the gallery the largest in London. In 1910, according to the will of William Turner, all of his works were transferred to the state, before the creation of new rooms in the Tate Gallery, they were kept in the London National Gallery. Since 1917, a collection of works by contemporary foreign artists and sculptors began to be created. In 1923, the manufacturer S. Courteau donated 50 thousand pounds to purchase the works of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, and in 1926, a department of foreign painting was opened in a new building built by J. Dewin Jr.

Among the most famous canvases stored here are the Annunciation, Beata Beatrix by Rossetti, Ophelia by John Milles, Holman Hunt's Claudio and Isabella, and other brilliant and timeless works of British and non only artists.

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Topic: Tate Gallery (Tate Britain) in the UK, resort London.Tate Gallery (Tate Britain) in the UK, resort London

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