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Piccadilly Circus, UK Resort London

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Piccadilly Street is one of the busiest streets in the historic center of London - Westminster. Stretches from Piccadilly Circus to Hyde Park. The main attraction of the street is the Royal Academy arts.

Until the 17th century, the area where the street passes today Piccadilly, was called Portugal, and the street, respectively, Portuguese. Name Piccadilly Street received from R. Baker's mansion, who made a fortune on the sale of piccadilla collars, fashionable in the 17th century. In 1612 he buys plot of land and builds on it a mansion called Piccadilly Hall.

After the restoration of the English monarchy, Piccadilly Street began to be built up with luxurious mansions of nobles and aristocrats. In the north side of the street at all times were built the most fashionable houses in London.

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Topic: Piccadilly Circus, UK Resort London.Piccadilly Circus, UK Resort London

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