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Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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Bali Barat National Park is located in northern part of the Indonesian island of Bali and covers an area of 190 km 2, which is approximately 10% of the island's territory. In addition, the Bali Barat includes about 10,000 hectares of coral reefs.

The territory of the national the park is divided by a mountain range into two parts: the northern one, represented by equatorial savanna and characterized by an arid climate, and southern - more wet and covered with deciduous forests. First measures to protect local nature were adopted back in 1917, after the formation of a nature reserve, which in 1941, after the annexation of new territories, received the status of a national park of Indonesia.

Fauna Bali Barat known primarily for the huge number of bird species (over 160 species), which, in fact, once served as the reason for the foundation of the reserve. The most rare individual is the Balinese starling, the number of individuals of which in 2001 year was six, and they were all in Bali Barat. Since the population of Balinese starlings has increased significantly, but operating in in the national park, poachers are still a serious threat. Most interesting species of mammals include sea turtles, flying foxes, wild boars, macaques and bantengs, rare plant species - white sandalwood, mundu, tropical walnut.
Most travelers do not come to Bali Barat just to admire the beautiful nature and unusual fauna. On the the territory of the national park has a rather developed tourist infrastructure, outdoor activities such as trekking and scuba diving are available. Popular a place for recreation is also the Prapat Agung peninsula, located in northern part of the park and famous for its beaches and nearby coral reefs. It should be noted that only 10% is open territory. Bali Barat, the rest of the park is accessible for visits only as part of excursions or guided tours. As a rule, such an excursion includes yourself walking through the park, observing the animal world of mangroves thickets from a boat or boat or climbing one of several mountains, located on the territory of Bali Barat. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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