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The Shard UK, London Resort

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Not so long ago, the British media reported that the Shard had pierced the heart of London. Very soon it was destined to become an iconic metropolitan landmark. This is not surprising - not every building can boast of the fact that its height reaches 309 meters, which allows for excursions in the literal sense of the clouds.

The Shard Skyscraper, that is,"Glass Shard"Or simply" Shard"was erected in 2012 by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, famous for his work on the Paris Center Pompidou. The structure replaces the 25-story office center that has been on this site since the 70s.

The Shard is the tallest building in Europe and 45th tallest in the world. Almost the entire area of the skyscraper is covered with glass panels, which is 56 thousand square meters - for comparison, this is about eight football fields. Moreover, 95% of the materials used in the construction of the Shard are recycled raw materials. This makes the skyscraper a very eco-friendly attraction.

The glass design makes the building look completely dependent on weather conditions. So, in clear sunny weather, glass panels shine iridescently, bringing a special atmosphere to the historic city center. The elongated shape of the building at the top resembles a Gothic spire in harmony with the surrounding buildings. By the way, the roof structure is open, the glass petals at the top do not close, which allows the tower to receive natural ventilation.

The Shard has 72 floors with living space, 44 elevators and 306 stairs. Inside it is a whole city with its own infrastructure. Up to the 28th floor there are office premises, the territory from the 31st to the 33rd floor is occupied by restaurants, the 34-52 floors are given over to a five-star hotel. Upstairs, residents of private residences while away their time.

On the way to the observation deck, you can explore the galleries, where tourists will find creative photographs of famous townspeople, as well as 33 maps of London and its suburbs, placed right on the floor. The top floor showcases an impressive 360-degree panorama of the city, which will allow you to see London from the other side. In all senses, because earlier it was possible to view the city from such a height only by flying by helicopter. On a clear day, the observation range of the site is 60 km. From the height of The Shard you can see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Tower,

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Topic: The Shard UK, London Resort.The Shard UK, London Resort

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