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Mary Ax skyscraper in the UK, London resort

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London's financial center is notable for many buildings, but especially among them stands out the skyscraper Mary Ax, or St. Mary Ax. Large-scale the building got its name from the street of the same name, where once the Church of St. Mary was located. However, due to its appearance, the office tower received a different name - inspired by the elongated shape of the building and the greenish glass decoration, residents began to call the building"The Gherkin", which means cucumber.

The Mary Ex Building was erected in 3 years in the early 2000s, the tower was proposed by a famous architect Norman Foster. Previously, there was another office building on this site - Baltic Stock Exchange, but it was damaged in 1992 due to a terrorist attack, organized by the Irish Republican Army.

Construction required an investment of about 400 million dollars, but the maintenance of the finished building is not expensive. The thing is, that the architect Foster foresaw how the natural solar lighting and ventilation with the help of wind.

The height of the skyscraper is 108 meters, the external shape of the walls - round. The diameter of the lower base is 49 meters, it is slightly higher expands to 57 meters on the 17th floor. Then the structure is reduced, the minimum diameter at the top of the building is 25 meters. This narrowing is due to the specifics of the requirements for the project. The elegance of forms allows the giant building not look bulky, as if a skyscraper was built in this place rectangular shape. Slim structure creates much less shadow, tapering the shape allows more light to penetrate to the lower floors.

However, the 40-story Mary-Ax building is not only not in the way the surrounding space, but also creates additional conveniences. The aerodynamic characteristics of the structure allow the wind to bend around the building naturally, which reduces the likelihood of air turbulence and cloud formation. The air movement is not directed downward like normal rectangular skyscrapers aside. This does not compromise comfort movement at the foot of the giant and improves the air condition in the adjacent area. The natural air flow makes the pressure on different facades different, which provides ventilation of the building without the help of air conditioners. This allows skyscraper consume half the electricity than similar high-rise buildings.

Thanks to these characteristics, the Mary Ax office tower received the status of the first skyscraper built in accordance with the environment. The building is equipped not only with offices, it has green spaces, and the lower the floors are open to anyone working nearby. Upper floors represent the restaurant area, and the glass dome that crowns the building has a fantastic panorama of London.

The Mary Ax skyscraper is worth a visit to see it incredible high-tech construction and appreciate the view of the main city attractions.

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Topic: Mary Ax skyscraper in the UK, London resort.Mary Ax skyscraper in the UK, London resort

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