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Burj Khalifa (Dubai Tower) skyscraper in the UAE, Dubai resort

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Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in Dubai, and in the whole world, which looks like a stalagmite in shape. It is the center of a new business district in Dubai.

Originally the skyscraper was called Burj Dubai, but a little later it was renamed in honor of the second President of the UAE, Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and began to bear the name Burj Caliph.

The height of the skyscraper is 828 meters (162 floors). It includes nine hotels and a fountain system. Armani Hotel Dubai is located on 37 lower floors. Floors 45 to 108 are occupied by around 700 luxury apartments. Most of the area is reserved for offices. The 76th floor houses the world's tallest swimming pool, while the 158th floor houses the world's tallest mosque. On the 123rd and 124th floors there is a lobby and an observation deck.

75% of the exterior of the building is glass. The building itself was built of special concrete specially designed for the Burj Khalifa, which can withstand temperatures up to +50 0 C.

65 two-story lifts are installed in the skyscraper. Moreover, only a service elevator can rise from the first to the last floor. Visitors and residents of the building move between floors with transfers. The elevators of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper are the fastest in the world and can reach speeds of up to 18 meters per second.

Despite such a huge size, the skyscraper fire system is designed in such a way that everyone who is in a buiding, can be evacuated in no more than 32 minutes.

Another unique feature of the skyscraper is that the building completely independently generates electricity for itself using a 61-meter turbine that rotates with the wind, and many solar panels, partly placed on the walls of the tower. Reducing the heating of rooms in the building provides special protection from the sun, which reduces the need for air conditioning.    


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Topic: Burj Khalifa (Dubai Tower) skyscraper in the UAE, Dubai resort.Burj Khalifa (Dubai Tower) skyscraper in the UAE, Dubai resort

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