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UK Secret Intelligence Service Building, London Resort

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Southwest London in in the area of Vauxhall Bridge on the banks of the Thames, you can find a very interesting a landmark that will intrigue all James Bond fans. There the main building of the Secret Intelligence Service is located. It contains office of the UK government agency responsible for foreign intelligence.

The existence of the Secret Intelligence Agency service was confirmed by parliament in 1994. In 1995 the architect Terry Farrell, the author of famous postmodern buildings, erected his own building. The service is headed by a Permanent Secretary subordinate to the Ministry Foreign Affairs.

The service received its second name during the First World War, then the intelligence service called MI-6 from the English. Military Intelligence 6.

Despite the secrecy organizations, the intelligence building is known to all residents of London. In addition, it appears in many films. So it participated in the filming of Bond several times - in films"Coordinates of Skyfall","Casino Royale","Die, but not now","And the whole the world is not enough ”,“ Golden Eye ”.

The building designed by Farrell, resembles the temples of the Maya Indians, as well as the ziggurats of ancient Babylon. Walls, made of blast-resistant granite, they go 10 stories underground. In exterior decoration uses 25 types of glass, providing protection against any scanning. All rooms have screens that protect sensitive data British intelligence from interception. According to rumors, the Mi-6 has a tunnel underneath river that leads to Whitehall.

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Topic: UK Secret Intelligence Service Building, London Resort.UK Secret Intelligence Service Building, London Resort

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