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Durrell Wildlife Park UK

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ImageDarrell Wildlife Park is an expansive private zoo located on the Ogre Estate in Trinity Ward on Jersey, one of the Channel Islands. The zoo was founded in 1959 by the writer, zoologist and public figure Gerald Durrell, initially the zoo was called Jersey after the island. Today this wonderful reserve is owned by the Wildlife Conservation Fund named after the same Darrell. The peculiarity of the park is that here specialists are purposefully engaged in the maintenance, protection and breeding of rare, endangered and practically extinct animal species on Earth. The main goal is to breed artificial populations of these species and thereby save them. The zoo's emblem is the dodo bird (Mauritian dodo), which was irretrievably destroyed by humans in the 17th century. On the territory of the zoo, you can find about 156 species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds that are endangered, for example, gorillas, orangutans, white-eared pheasants, red-cheeked ibises, Jamaican huts, etc. All animals are placed in aviaries, but they are so spacious that most closely resemble a natural environment, and not an ordinary zoo with cramped cages.

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Topic: Durrell Wildlife Park UK.Durrell Wildlife Park UK

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