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Jersey Zoo UK, Jersey Island Resort

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ImageJersey Zoo is a zoo on the island of Jersey, founded in 1959 by world-renowned naturalist Gerald Darrell. He was the founder of the Wildlife Conservation Fund that bears his name today. The zoo is popular with tourists: over 150,000 people visit it annually. This is a fairly large number of people, given that the zoo is not very easy to get to; in addition, the zoo does not have large spectacular animals that usually attract visitors. Basically, representatives of rare and endangered species live here. One of the tasks of this zoo is to preserve in captivity species that are threatened with death in the wild. The Darrell Foundation, which owns the zoo, is involved in numerous international programs to conserve endangered species. The Foundation also pays close attention to the preservation of rare representatives of the flora and fauna of the Jersey Island proper, which are not found anywhere else. The zoo is carrying out a large-scale research work. Close attention is paid to educational programs for children and adults, training of zoo personnel. Today the zoo contains approximately 200 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The conditions for keeping animals are as close as possible to natural ones, so often visitors cannot see this or that animal. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Jersey Zoo UK, Jersey Island Resort.Jersey Zoo UK, Jersey Island Resort

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