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Einstein Tower in Germany, Potsdam spa

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The Einstein Tower is the building of the astrophysical observatory located in Potsdam on the grounds of the Science Park, named after the same great physicist. The park itself is located on the Telegrafenberg mountain, scientists from the Institute of Astrophysics and the Institute of Meteorology live and work here.

The tower building, built in the style of German Expressionism, at one time was a kind of revolution in architecture. It is even sometimes called the Mendelssohn Tower after the brave architect. Indeed, the snow-white building looks rather unusual, outwardly resembling a sculpture rather than a house. It does not have a single right angle, the lines are smooth and curved.

At the same time, the purpose of the Einstein Tower is not at all decorative. They planned to carry out various experiments confirming Einstein's theory of relativity (hence the name). For this, a solar telescope was needed, which was placed in the building. For scientific purposes, the tower had to be planned in a special way, so that the main working rooms are underground, on the surface there are only two floors.

The beauty of the tower, unfortunately, is adjacent to its low strength. Walls made of bricks combined with concrete elements are constantly sagging and cracking, and the building has to be repaired very often. But the state takes care of the tower very carefully, because it is considered a symbol of science in Potsdam. Today, there is an exposition telling about the role of Potsdam in world science.

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Topic: Einstein Tower in Germany, Potsdam spa.Einstein Tower in Germany, Potsdam spa

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