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Maritime Center Vellamo in Kotka, Finland

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Maritime Center Vellamo is a large museum complex, built in 2008 according to the project of Professor Ilmari Lachdelm on the territory of modern the port of Kantasatama. The length of the building of the sea center is 300 meters, and the height - 30 meters. An open area with panoramic views is equipped on the roof of the building to the surroundings. The interiors are finished with oak and have an amazing color palette: from orange and light green to deep blue. In these the premises show a variety of ships, boats, cargo cranes and others objects. The facade is made of glass and metal and gives the whole ensemble individuality.

The Maritime Center Vellamo offers a large number of exhibitions, related not only to the sea, but also to land. Interesting facts, fascinating topics are raised that attract not only adults, but also children. The museum complex combines the Maritime Museum of Finland, Information Vellamo center and Kymenlaakso Museum.

The Information Center offers a variety of printed publications, e-books and magazines. Main exposition of the Maritime Museum Finland is dedicated to the history and development of navigation. Kymenlaakso Museum introduces visitors with the spiritual and material heritage of the city and region, with history sea guard. Here is the client terminal, jukebox, playing folk melodies; also on the territory of the museum complex there is a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

The maritime center has its own pier, where the oldest icebreaker-museum"Tarmo", similar in its outlines to the formidable sea the shaft is gigantic.

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Topic: Maritime Center Vellamo in Kotka, Finland.Maritime Center Vellamo in Kotka, Finland

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