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Finnish Aeronautics Museum, Kotka Resort

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Museum of Aeronautics - a museum in the city of Kotka, located in hangar of Kymi airport near the runway. The museum is maintained by the air club Karhula, thanks to which fifteen airplanes on display Museum (including rare models) are kept in working order.

Among the exhibits of the museum is the Gloucester Gauntlet fighter, the only serviceable one in the world preserved since the Second World War aircraft of this model. The collection is complemented by the rare Harakka glider, a supersonic fighter-bomber MIG-21F, miniature single-seat helicopter, light attack aircraft and other aircraft.

Along the runway next to the museum private planes are calling into the air. Here, by the way, you can go through an introductory glider flight course, including 15 minutes of glider flight. Nearby there is a monument dedicated to military pilots who died during the Second world war.

The museum can be visited from May to September. Admission is free, but Donations for the maintenance and development of the museum are welcome.

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Topic: Finnish Aeronautics Museum, Kotka Resort.Finnish Aeronautics Museum, Kotka Resort

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