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Gunung Loser National Park in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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Gunung Loser is a famous Indonesian national park located in the northern part of Sumatra. The area of the national park is about 8000 km2; most of it is covered with mountains, and only 12% of the territory is below the 600 m mark.The highest point of the park is Mount Leser (3446 m above sea level), in honor of which it was decided in 1980 name the newly formed park. Gunung Loser is known for its many unique ecosystems, such as the World Heritage Site of Sumatra's Virgin Rainforests.

The fauna of the National Park is extremely diverse. Of the many rare animals that live here, it is worth noting the Sumatran tiger and rhinoceros, siamang, sambara, Bengal cat, serau, and, of course, the famous Sumatran orangutans are an extremely rare species, the population of which has decreased by more than four times over the past 75 years. Gunung Loser is the second place on the planet where Sumatran orangutans live, which places a special responsibility on the park staff. The program for the protection of rare monkeys has been operating in the national park since 1971, within its framework, impressive results have been achieved in rescuing, treating and returning orangutans to their natural conditions.

Gunung Loser is open to tourists, but to enter the park you will have to hire a specially trained guide, as well as coordinate the travel route with the park administration. For those who came to the national park for the first time, several of the most popular tracks are available: an introductory trip lasting several hours, a five-day hike from Ketamba to Bukit Laving or a two-week trek to the top of Mount Loser. The most complete information about interesting places in Gunung Loser, as well as about flora, fauna and geographical features of the park can be obtained from the information center.

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Topic: Gunung Loser National Park in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort.Gunung Loser National Park in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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