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Independence Palace”Merdeka” in Indonesia, Jakarta resort

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Ragunan Zoo is one of the oldest and most famous zoos Asia and the whole world - located 20 km from Jakarta. The territory of the zoo is broken into parts, each of which supports certain conditions necessary for a fulfilling life of pets. There are over 270 species in Ragunan animals, many of which are extremely rare, as well as 170 species plants. In total, about 3122 individuals live on an area of 140 hectares, including birds. Ragunan's story began in 1864, when a group of scientists associated with By the East India Company, decided to create a place in which it would be guarded unique flora and fauna of Indonesia. Later, the zoo moved from place to place until in 1966 he settled on the outskirts of Jakarta.

All animals living in Ragunan can be divided into several classes, each of which is worth mentioning separately. Reptiles represented by Asian reticulated pythons, albino pythons, royal cobras and turtles. Apart from their own kind, the zoo is inhabited by marine crocodiles and the famous Komodo dragons, especially for which they were artificially simulated wetland climate. Among mammals, one can distinguish gibbons, macaques, chimpanzees and orangutans. Rare and protected species are raccoon, palm marten, tapir, lion, bengal tiger and American black bear. The feathered world of Ragunan is also extremely diverse, for waterfowl - Australian pelicans, ducks and swans - in the zoo are broken aviaries with pools, the microclimate of which is as close as possible to natural conditions. Flamingos, bird of paradise, pheasants, cockatoos, hornbills, peacocks and emu ostriches are just a short list of Ragunan birds that deserve close attention.

Ragunan is not only a large zoo, but also a developed tourist area equipped with a playground, with its own bars and restaurants and offers visitors a huge number of different rides, the most popular of which are pony and elephant rides, and also a boat trip on the lake. There is a market on the territory of Ragunan, on where you can buy not only original souvenirs, but also have a pet, for example, the sweet-tooth flying squirrel (one of the most common pets in Asian countries), a tiny tupaya, which is easy to recognize by its unusual greenish fur, or exotic fish for the aquarium.

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Topic: Independence Palace”Merdeka” in Indonesia, Jakarta resort.Independence Palace”Merdeka” in Indonesia, Jakarta resort

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