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Wilhelmstrasse in Germany, Berlin resort

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Wilhelmstrasse – the most famous street in Berlin, on which the government buildings of Prussia and the German Empire were located. It has always been a household name for the imperial government.

The street begins at the Reichstag embankment, in the north of the city, crosses Unter den Linden and ends near the Gallic Gate, on the Gallic embankment.

Frederick Wilhelm I, becoming king of Prussia, wished to expand the territory of Berlin. In 1731, a new street was built, named Gusarskaya, after the death of the king, renamed in his honor.

At the northern end of the street, palaces were erected for ministers and those close to the king. Among them, the most impressive ones stand out: Vernezobra Palace (later Prince Albert Palace), Schwerin Palace (later Reich President's Palace) and Schulenburg Palace (later Reich Chancellery). By the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries. almost all the ministries of Prussia are located here, and since 1871 - and ndash; government organizations of the German Empire. Buildings reserved for foreign embassies were also erected here.

During the Second World War, many buildings were destroyed during bombing or street fighting. They were demolished after 1945. In the 80s, residential panel houses and trade enterprises were built in their place. Workers of the GDR government settled in panel houses. Today there is a permanent exhibition on the Wilhelmstrasse that tells about buildings and memorable places on the street.

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Topic: Wilhelmstrasse in Germany, Berlin resort.Wilhelmstrasse in Germany, Berlin resort

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