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Batu Tara volcano in Indonesia

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Batu Tara - 748-meter stratovolcano, located on the island of the same name, located on the territory of Indonesia, in the Flores Sea. The Batu Tara crater has dimensions of 900x700 meters, and its underwater part reaches 3 thousand meters deep. The age of the volcano is approximately 15-20 thousand years, however, the first eruption recorded by man dates back to mid-19 century., In 2006, after a century and a half, Batu Tara again made itself known know a powerful eruption, which lasted for three years and was accompanied by a series of impressive explosions. After the first year of eruption from the surrounding more than 15 thousand people were evacuated.

Since then, during seven years old, Batu Tara continues to show various kinds of activity, so in August 2012, there was a noticeable release of ash into the atmosphere: a height of two kilometers, ash spread to the west of volcano. It is worth noting that the Batu Tara volcano is recognizable attraction of the province of the Lesser Eastern Sunda Islands, and its inspection from the sea - a typical tourist pastime.

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Topic: Batu Tara volcano in Indonesia.Batu Tara volcano in Indonesia

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