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Mount Gunung Bintan in Indonesia

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Mount Gunung Bintan located on the Bintan island of the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. Bintan has long been was considered the largest trading point on the way from China to India, in addition, in 12 century there was a settlement of formidable Malay pirates, terrifying the whole district. Bintan is now one of the most popular tourist destinations. destinations in Indonesia after Bali.
The main attraction of the island is rightfully considered Mount Gunung Bintan, which once served as a kind of beacon for the lost merchants and seafarers. The slopes of the mountain are covered with wild jungle, in which Rare silvery monkeys and many bird species live. One of the most popular entertainment among tourists is climbing the 340-meter Gunung Bintan followed by observation of the scenic surroundings from the observation deck site located on the top of the mountain. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Mount Gunung Bintan in Indonesia.Mount Gunung Bintan in Indonesia

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